Don’t worry if you think your dog has issues (don’t we all). Whether they are shy, slobbery, noisy, nosey, whiney, growly or just outright bonkers – no sweat, I’ve got lots of experience dealing with all-walks and can work my magic to turn little rascals into angels (for the photos at least). If your dog doesn't 'sit' or 'stay' no problem, many of my waggy-tailed models are on a lead when we take photos which is removed in post processing. 

In certain cases a home session may be better suited to nervous or less-mobile dogs. The key to beautiful photos is a happy hound.

When it comes to dogs I have enormous patience and I always work at a pace they are happy with.

I’m based in Hertfordshire and cover all surrounding areas including Essex, London, Bedfordshire, Middlesex, Buckinghamshire and Cambridgeshire.

I also offer sessions across the UK, so if you are not local but would be interested in a Spellhound shoot then get in touch to see if I am going to be more local to your area in the near future.

There is a small charge for locations more than 30 miles from Hertford, postcode SG13. 

There's no denying it, UK weather is unpredictable, it can be glorious and sometimes awful. 

We will keep an eye on the weather forecast on the days approaching your shoot and if it looks as though an outside shoot will not be possible we will reschedule for another day asap, (of course this is completely free of charge).

Don't be fooled into thinking a clear sunny day is the perfect backdrop, mist and cloudy skies can bring drama and mystery creating awesome images.

The most important answer to this question is somewhere your dog will feel comfortable. Some dogs are best suited to environments they know well such as their regular stomping ground. Other dogs are not phased by new places so this is not an issue, we can discuss location ideas when you book the shoot. 

For older, less mobile dogs, we may decide that your own home or garden is more suitable.

It's also a good to think of somewhere that is not too busy as this could be very distracting for some dogs. 

Most sessions take place in the afternoon, this is so we can capture the beautiful natural light when the sun is lower in the sky - this also means that during winter it is possible for photo shoots to also take place in the morning.

Yes of course you can jump in some of the photos, we can capture the special bond you have!

This is entirely up to you, this is your shoot, so you can choose how well-groomed your dog will look in the final images.

Although removing leads from the images is possible, editing out items such as muzzles or harnesses are not.

So if your dog is in a harness please make sure it is one you are happy to see in the final images, the same applies to collars. 

I accept all major credit/debit cards, Paypal, Apple Pay, Android Pay, bank transfers and cash.

I'm animal-mad and my photography doesn't stop at dogs, so whether it's a goofy alpaca or a stubborn pony I am more than happy to capture their portrait.

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